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 Tania Whittier upholds a high standard of maintaining the healthy integrity of her clients famous locks. She knew early on that she had a passion for hair, this passion is what helped elevate her in her career. She is known for her natural looking hair color and her non-toxic smoothing treatments. Tania has recently become committed to  help spread the word on non-toxic. "Nontoxic color is perfect for people who are interested in healthier options and now smoothing treatments can be formaldehyde free, and work!  You can straighten, reduce your curl or help balance/repair your texture, all while removing the frizz and adding more shine and condition than any other smoothing treatment, so it's your hair only better!"


Nontoxic Color and Smoothing Treatments


What is nontoxic ?

Nontoxic is the next generation in hair care. This means no more ammonia, PPD, resorcinol of formaldhyde.     

Can nontoxic color work like traditional hair color?

Yes! Turns out you don't need those harsh chemicals to create long lasting results because natural ingredients can deliver beautiful results!

What are PPD's, Resorcinol, Ammonia and Formaldhydes?

 PPD- Paraphenylenediamine is know as a possible carcinogen that has allergic reactions. Can create reddening and swelling of face along with dermatitis.

Resorcinol- used in coloring and may be toxic to environment as well as our immune system.

Ammonia- Swells the hair cuticle to allow color absorption, allergic reactions include itchy scalp and watery eyes.

Formaldehyde- known to be a human carcinogen resulting in watery eyes,headaches, burning sensation in throat, difficultly breathing and can aggravate asthma symptoms.

When should I do a nontoxic smoothing treatment and how long do I have to wait until I color?

I usually recommend doing the treatment before color as the treatment opens the cuticle to allow the product to enter the cortex of the hair. This at times can create a slight shift in color treated hair which can be addressed immediately after your treatment. No down time needed, you can get your color done right after your nontoxic smoothing treatment... Same day!

What's the difference between nontoxic and other treatments?

Nontoxic are keratin and amino acid based treatments that works from the inside out. They gently open the cuticle and allows the treatment to enter the cortex of the hair. Then I can gently treat the hair without damaging it. 

How long does it last?

The treatments can last up to "6 months" although we're all unique so everyone it a bit different.


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